Currently Inked -- 09-15-2023

I haven’t done a currently inked in a while!

This is a good one. I attended the Orlando Pen Show last weekend. I had a blast.

I also bought five pens, and won a giveaway pen as well! The beautiful Omas Ogiva Orlando Pen Show 2023 limited edition pen. It’s only one of 23 ever made.

I wish I had taken a few more pictures while at the show. I met several local pen fans and some folks I’ve met on social media.

Enjoy! βœ’οΈ

Currently inked: 12-2-2022

This week I have three “knock off” or “clone” pens from Jinhao.

The Jinhao x159 is a nice copy of the Montblanc 149. Of course it’s not like the real thing, but a good pen nonetheless.

Then there’s the Jinhao 80. I bought two. From the outside they look exactly like the Lamy 2000 (see comparison) but the internals and nibs are totally different.

Still, they are fun pens. I enjoy this lineup. πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 11-4-2022

Happy fountain pen day!

I haven’t posted on here for a while, but I couldn’t miss fountain pen day. Here are five pens in my rotation right now. πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 9-23-2022

This is what I’ve been using the past week.

I haven’t updated my currently inked in a while. Some of these pens come from my trip to the Orlando Pen Show earlier this month, which was a lot of fun. πŸ–‹

Currently Inked: 8-27-2022

Ultem week πŸ˜€πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 8-19-2022

These are five pens I used this week.

My kids went back to school, and I spent most of my days working and what not, so I didn’t write much this week.

These pens helped make a slow writing week fun anyway. πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 8-12-2022

This week I’m trying out my three PenBBS calligraphy nibs. I’ve added some lines to show off their line variation. (My favorite of the three is the No. 2.) πŸ–‹

I missed last week. Work and life got in the way.

Pens and inks used for August 12, 2022.

Currently inked: 7-29-2022

I’m back after a much needed vacation!

I wrote a little bit on my trip but not much.

Still the same pens. I haven’t inked anything else up in over a month. And that’s OK! πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 7-15-2022

Going with the same set of pens this week.

I’m heading out tonight for a week’s vacation! And this is what I’m bringing.

I’m risking some ink sloshing with that Schon DSGN Ultem pen, which is eyedroppered, and in the photo you can see some ink splotches in the cap already. πŸ–‹

I won’t have a currently inked posted next week since I’ll be on vacation.

Currently inked: 7-8-2022

This week I inked up two new pens and cleaned a few that had been in rotation for a while.

I realized while putting this post together that all of my currently inked pens are high capacity or eyedropper filled. I guess I won’t run out of ink any time soon.

Next week we leave for a cruise, and I don’t know which of these pens I’ll bring with me. I’ll put together a “travel edition” currently inked.

Currently inked: 7-1-22

This week I’ve added my Narwhal Schuylkill to the mix.

This is the first time I know of when I don’t have any blue or blue black inks in the mix.

I’m looking forward to a brief break from work this weekend. Hopefully I find time to write! πŸ–‹

Pens and paper.

Currently inked: 6-24-22

This week I’m still rotating through pens I’ve had inked up this month. I’ve been out and about more this month, so I don’t need to keep all of these inked up. I’ll cut back a bit in July, I think.

Fountain pens.

Currently inked: 6-17-22

This week I stuck with what I’ve used over the last month. Didn’t have time to ink up anything new. But that’s ok! It’s summer and I’m out doing things with my family when I’m not working. πŸ–‹

5 Fountain pens on a pad of paper with writing on it.

Currently inked: 6-10-2022

This week I bring back my Gravitas pens polycarbonate β€” an excellent pent that will stay in my rotation for a while! Plus a modern and vintage Kaweco Sport. πŸ–‹

five fountain pens

Currently inked: 6-3-2022

This week I have a new acquisition: the Pen Addict x Opus 88 Halo. The Opus 88 pens are “eyedropper” pens (meaning they are filled by squeezing ink into the barrel via an eyedropper or syringe) with a shutoff valve to avoid ink burping or drooling. The pen acts as a large ink reservoir, and you get more ink by opening the shutoff valve at the end of the barrel. πŸ–‹

Currently inked: 5-27-2022

Here’s what I’m thinking: A weekly post where I pick five pens I’ve used this week and show them off. Maybe bring in some commentary on them too. πŸ–‹