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Digital writing and notes apps

I spent part of the afternoon playing around with new ways to organize my digital notes.

I tried out a bunch of solutions, including a very fun exploration through Emacs, which, believe it or not, I enjoyed! But it was too cumbersome for my needs.

I’ve settled on Drafts as my “digital brain,” work notes organizer, and as a place to start things, and Ulysses for long-form writing projects.

Both of these apps fit my workflow. They use Markdown as default, which I’ve used for years. Both apps are simple to use and yet powerful. Plus Drafts is all about getting the text down, and organizing it later. No fuss.

I hope these two apps complement my already robust and well-established analog systems.

Right now, those include my Hobonichi Techo as my “paper brain”/logbook, and 3 × 5 notecards for daily tasks and other ephemera. I also keep a commonplace book. I write with either a fountain pen or pencil, depending on my mood.

Because both Ulysses and Drafts publish to and other services, I don’t need a lot of other stuff. I will keep OneNote for scans, pictures/screenshots, or image clippings from the web. But I don’t use those tools every day.

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